Keep your system smooth in operation, peak in performance with Vanguard’s Support Services. Vanguard support offers a wide range of services for clients to perform better in their businesses. Vanguard continuously strives to develop and implement the most relevant innovative service, outcome-based delivery for your business.

Vanguard Support’s with service-oriented approach provides required trainings and communication plans to help satisfy stakeholders and engage clients. Solution accelerates time to value and provide the clients with insightful information and analysis with specialized support by Vanguard’s Support Service.

Support Channels

Vanguard support service provides a harmonized and committed support experience to clients by offering different channels such as customer portal, email or phone during business hours. Should any issue arise, we encourage our clients to provide the detail information of the issue including screenshots of the error message and other relevant information whenever possible for support professionals to work more effectively.

Our goal is to help businesses and provide solutions in the most effective and efficient way. We will continue to enrich and drive an innovative and consistent support experience for our clients.

Support Portal

If you would like one of our support professionals to help you via customer support portal, please click the link below:

Support Portal

Email Support

The email support service is available during working hours and is usually the fastest way to reach our support service. Please provide full details in the email, and attach screenshots where possible.

Phone Support

Phone-based technical support is available during normal office hours. Please bear in mind that you may have to wait for a support advisor to become available to take your call. Alternatively, you may seek a resolution using the customer support portal or email system which is usually faster.

+959 97724 2230