Vanguard Connected Technology

Vanguard Connected Technology

Vanguard Connected Technology services has the expertise to help your organisation transform by building IoT capabilities that can increase operational efficiency and lower operational cost. We will show how your organisation can make data its biggest asset, improve decision making, become more efficient and ultimately reduce operational cost. We will use our expertise in data analytics and cloud technology to help you build sensors, devices and assets that create new business value.

What is IoT?

IOT or the internet of things, is a network of devices such as vehicles, machines and home appliances that contain electronics, software, actuators and connectivity which allows these things to connect, interact and exchange data without requiring human to human or human to computer interaction.

Key Benefits

  • Create new services and new business opportunities
  • Cost reduction via improved efficiency and decision analytics
  • Better decision making with improved insights
  • Process and resource optimization
  • Efficient resource utilization
  • Reduced human efforts
  • Real time maketing
  • High quality data
  • Better customer experiences

Our Services

We support our clients from strategic advisory and consulting, through implementation and delivery into service operation. Our consultants will help design and document a clear IoT strategy for your business.

A recommendation of solutions will be provided through review of our clients’ pain points and business processes.

  • Asset management
  • Facilities management
  • Control and monitor manufacturing and production lines
  • Connected solutions for vehicles
  • Connected solutionss for products and devices in retails
  • Connected solutions for devices in energy and mining industry

IOT insights

  • The worldwide IoT technology market encompasses up to 26 billion devices
  • IoT market growth is expected to reach $457 Billion by 2020
  • IoT smart devices have a deeper penetration in manufacturing, healthcare and business than in our home or phones.
  • Industrial sensors, advanced RFID tags, beacons, in-store analysis and connected manufacturing machines have already made it to the market.
  • 63% of enterprise IT decision makers believe IoT will have a significant impact or moderate impact on their business
  • 70% of business managers see IoT having a significant or moderate impact on business
  • Of all the business who chose to implement IoT, 94% have already seen a return on their IoT investment.

*Source: IDG Cloud Computing Survey 2018