Integrated Healthcare Management Solution

To be more competitive and achieve higher business growth, health care centers such as hospitals, nursing homes, Senior Citizen Assisted living facilities are looking for one integrated solution which caters to Patient Care as well as Office Management. Crave InfoTech’s Integrated Healthcare Management Solution (cIHMS) is a completely integrated end-to-end solution which offers seamless integration with SAP Business one ERP and HANA Platform.

Value Drivers

  • Configurable solution to make it compliant with local healthcare regulations in short time
  • No additional efforts and time for medical record management
  • Fully configurable UI from the back-end
  • Available in all major international languages
  • Fully responsive and device agnostic application

Solution Area

Medical Billing

Errorless bill generation for single & multiple payers using cMedbilling!

IHMS features errorless bill generation for single or multiple payers (patients, employers, insurance providers or third parties), partial or full payments, calculates doctor compensation (based on percentage of commission, the value of services, package value, level of service and patient referral), calculates service rate to patients based on agreed rates with payers. Also facilitates the manual entry for special pricing.


Clinical data capture made simple using cClinical!

Crave InfoTech understands the importance of monitoring, documenting and measuring the clinical processes in a hospital. Following eight clinical modules specific to clinical specialization allows doctors to capture clinical information specific to their patient needs.

Patient Care

Top-notch patient care

Integrated Healthcare Management Solution automates end-to-end hospital flow starting with Patient Registration, Doctor’s Appointment, Outpatient Department and Inpatient Department up to discharge and final billing.

Simple and elegant user interface, seamless end-to-end integration of hospital processes. Easy to create and maintain patient records, integrated, automated invoicing, several payment options and overall user friendliness makes the SAP Business One IHMS the unique solution to deliver top-notch patient care.

Patient Registration

Time reduction at the desk

Integrated Healthcare Management Solution flow starts with patient registration where patient’s personal details, biometrics, and other demographic details are captured to assign unique patient ID and issue a medical card with barcode feature. During every follow-up visits, patients can just use their card or biometrics to get their medical reports and information.

Doctor Appointment

Appointment just a click away

Doctor’s availability can be checked and appointment slot can be booked on a click of a button using calendar view. Availability of a specific doctor or group of doctors can be checked in a single window. Patients also have provision to take appointment from a patient portal.

Outpatient Department

Systematic patient flow

Integrated Healthcare Management Solution automates entire OPD flow starting with patient registration and goes through Doctor’s Appointment, Token Creation, Appointment display by token with expected wait time, E-Prescription, Pharmacy, and Billing.

Electronic Prescription

Avoid prescription redundancy across multiple departments

Featured with electronic prescription workflow to help eliminate tampering, manual paper handling and provide easy distribution across Pharmacy, Nursing Stations, Patient Record, Medication History, etc with defined access rights.

IPD/Ward Management

Track patient movement

Integrated Healthcare Management Solution provides state of the art facilities to automate complete inpatient process flow covering IPD Admission, Ward Allocation, Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Nursing Station, Operation Theatre Management, Diet Management, Blood Bank, Ward-Leave Warehouse, staff scheduling, Fleet Management and much more. Patient movements within hospital from OPD to IPD Ward, OT, ICU etc. can be tracked along with patient’s electronic medical records and respective billing information which automatically integrates into the final invoice.

Pharmacy Management

Seamless pharmacy processes

The inbuilt Pharmacy Management Solution gives a full control of Stocks, Stock Levels, Purchase Management, Integrated as well as Direct Billing, Near Expiry/Expired products and Breakages, Material Returns, Product wise sale/consumption, Stock Movements, Warehouse Management etc.

Radiology and Laboratory

Access Test results with ease

Integrated Healthcare Management Solution provides an ease of storing the radiology and pathology test data integrated to the patient record, making the complete patient information available at a click of a button. It further goes to provide an option to integrate the diagnostic equipment to pick up the test data directly. Applicable charges for the tests are added to patient’s invoice.