Distribution Management System

The Core of DMSpro is designed according to International Standards. Every business processes (Sales, Inventory management, Promotion, etc.) are built closely to ensure logical data storage and help managers control throughout the whole process.

Key Benefits

  • Ensure Sales Compliance
  • Flexibility
  • Transform Sales Force
  • Full Visibility Control
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Streamline Communication

Main Functions

Business Intelligence

  • Intelligent report system at C-level enables easy business analization and strategic decisions making.

POSM management

  • Point of Sales Material (POSM) management at key outlets.
  • POSM improvement.

Display management

  • Manage, evaluate & improve outlets’ product display.

Accounting management

  • Manage effectively business in general and finance material (in-out, inventory, dept, etc.)


  • Synchronized data between supplier, distributors & sales forces according to their levels in authorization.
  • Standardized communication between supplier and distributors.
  • Improve & optimize sales force management.


  • Manage product display & POSM at outlets.
  • Run inventory management & outlet care.
  • Evaluate supplier’s product coverage on shelves with competitors’.
  • Have visual information & speed up decision making.


  • Manage & optimize sales route.
  • Evaluate salesmen’s compliance and performance.
  • Shape customers’ coverage.
  • Real-time & accurate report from outlets.

KPI Management

  • Manage & evaluate salesmen’s performance.

Trade promotion management

  • Promotion campaign management (Remind salesmen to promote campaigns to outlets. Make sure the campaign reach target customers.)


  • Sales Force Automation & Management.
  • Reduce paperworks.

HO report

  • Make reports faster, accelerate decision-making process.

Distributor report

  • Generate reports based on centralized data.

Sales management

  • Record sales result of each salesman.

Inventory management

  • Real-time inventory management with detail information of each storage: Ready-to-sell, On-Deliver, On-Order & In-Stock-Value.


  • Optimized & automated purchasing procedure.
  • Reduce purchasing fee & keep delivery process stable.

System administration

  • Manage the entire system.

Master data

  • Synchronize master data between distributors.
  • Error-free data input.