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Cloud Partner of The Year 2020

Thank you, to all of our clients, for your support! We’re pleased to announce that we have won SAP Cloud Partner of the Year in Emerging Market. We will continue to stay committed and work hard to power our Read More >
Sep 4
Sep 1

Participating at “Better Future Better Myanmar” Mandalay

On 29th August 2015, Vanguard Business Solutions & Consulting participate  “Better Future Better Myanmar” at Hotel Mandalay. About 1000 audiences came to the seminar. Better Future Better Myanmar presents under titles of “Transforming Teams” by Prof.Dr. Aung Tun Thet (President Economic Advisor) and Read More >

Jul 27
May 27
May 14

Kickoff Meeting with Yathar Cho Industry Ltd.

We are very proud to have kickoff meeting with Yathar Cho Industry Ltd which is the manufacturer and distributor of “Yum Yum” brand instant noodles in Myanmar and Yum Yum enjoyed very strong market share and success since the Read More >
Apr 6

Design + SAP HANA = Innovation

When most people think of SAP HANA, they think “extreme speed.” And they should, given that the in-memory capabilities of SAP HANA enable it to process and analyze large volumes of data in real time. – See more at: Read More >

Mar 23
Mar 16
Dec 24
Dec 15

Serosep Cuts Reporting Times with SAP Business One

  Serosep Cuts Reporting Times with SAP Business One Serosep is a leading manufacturer and distributor of laboratory diagnostic instruments and consumables supplying hospitals and laboratories across Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. In March 2010, the Limerick, Read More >