Omnichannel iVend Retail Suite

Today’s customers expect the same brand experience across all channels they prefer to use, whether it is in-store, web, mobile, and tablet. iVend Retail is an omnichannel suite of retail applications which integrates diverse modules such as Mobile POS, loyalty, Reporting and Analytics, eCommerce, etc into one solution. With iVend Retail, enterprise retailers also get a single version of truth of all operations ranging from inventory, store operations and customer buying trends on demand. It integrates every available retail touch points and extend a consistently great shopping experience to the customer.

iVend Enterprise

Omnichannel iVend Retail is an enterprise-class application that is stable, eminently scalable, and intuitive in its processes. iVend Retail, with its integrated processes, negates the formation of information silos while bringing clarity and single version of truth across all retail operations.

iVend Retail suite of retail applications has been developed to essentially empower retail businesses of all sizes. Retailers can manage all business functions and integrate them at the head office — all while streamlining overall retail process.

 iVend Retail POS

In today’s times of versatility and constant connectivity, a POS is expected to do much more than transaction processing. iVend Retail Point-of-Sale (POS) plays a critical part in any retailer’s strategy of customer engagement and enhanced customer service.

The new age POS, Point-Of-Service as it is now called, integrates functions like customer loyalty management, inventory management, merchandising and offline operations. iVend Retail POS also assists retailers maximize selling space and boost overall customer experience.

iVend Mobile POS

iVend Retail Mobile Point-of-Sale (POS) is a fully-functional POS with a tablet/smartphone’s advantage of mobility. iVend Mobile POS operates on handheld devices like an iPhone/iPad and select models of Android tablets. Mobile POS helps retailers enhance customer experience by bringing the checkout to the shopper, instant queue-busting and also maximizing the real estate in the store.

iVend eCommerce

Bringing true omnichannel convergence, iVend eCommerce extends a retailer’s reach to its customers by taking his business online. It is seamlessly integrated with iVend Retail and iVend Loyalty – a point and reward management solution.

iVend eCommerce offers detailed product listings, shopping cart, payment processing and delivers an exceptional user experience, power-packed with hundreds of features. It also provides a retailer the ability to customise the e-store with ‘skins’ to lend a consistent brand experience to the customers.

iVend Loyalty

Loyalty is an inescapable part of modern retailing to increase customer loyalty for repeat footfall and higher returns.

iVend Loyalty is a sophisticated, easy to configure, out-of-the-box solution to help a retailer get repeat customers and to build Brand loyalty. iVend Loyalty helps retailers build customer loyalty with an integrated system of loyalty cards, reward programs and Digital Passes. Reward programmes can be configured effortlessly in iVend Loyalty and executed on iVend Retail to add tremendous value to any retail business. iVend Loyalty allows for configuring, managing and tracking all loyalty programs to attract customers and to keep them coming back.

iVend Passes

iVend Passes is a platform for retailers to deploy Digital Passes for Apple Passbooks and Android smartphones. iVend Passes removes the technical challenge of creating Passes, so retailers can focus more on customer engagement.

iVend Passes helps retailers to stay connected with their customers. Stores can build a Pass template for a targeted customer base, create the pass at a POS terminal and send them to all customers without the hassle of a custom mobile application.

iVend Reporting and Analytics

iVend Reporting and Analytics comes as an integrated part of omnichannel iVend Retail. It is a set of pre-packaged business intelligence tools for management of the retail enterprise. Seamlessly integrated into iVend Retail, iVend Reporting and Analytics leverages transactional data of the overall retail environment to generate context-specific detailed insight, which is functional and actionable.

Retail-specific, intuitive iVend Reporting and Analytics provide strategic and tactical insights for faster and effective decision-making. For insights on the move, iVend Reporting and Analytics can be opened on compatible iOS and select models of Android devices, making use of proprietary iVend APIs.