How SAP Services Powers Innovation

Posted: March 19, 2014 at 3:48 am

 Anand Eswaran, SAP Executive Vice President and Head of Global Services. (Photo: SAP)

SAP HANA, M2M, and Cloud

How SAP Services Powers Innovation

In this interview, Anand Eswaran, SAP Executive Vice President and Head of Global Services, explains how SAP Services can bring innovation to customers. What can customers expect from SAP Services in 2014?

Anand Eswaran: First, customers can expect SAP Services to help them lead the innovation charge in an environment of constantly changing business models. Second, we’ll speak the language of their industry. That’s how we get to the heart of the business problems they’re trying to solve and the competitive advantage they’re trying to gain. The third expectation we’ll meet is focusing on business outcomes that realize value for the customer. The fourth is bringing total cost of ownership and total capital investment front and center for effective innovation within their budget.

How is the market shift towards cloud computing, as well as innovations like in-memory computing and mobile, affecting SAP Services?

All of these innovations allow us to rapidly change business models for customers and create solutions that were unthinkable a few years ago. For example, we are using cloud computing to create meaningful impact for the customer and that changes the game completely. Cloud is a delivery model but it allows us to achieve standardization while focusing only on customization where it makes a competitive difference for the customer. Another recent example is SAP Learning Hub, a cloud-based offering that provides anywhere, anytime access to everything customers and partners need to know about SAP solutions.

SAP HANA can power the Internet of things


We’re hearing a lot about the Internet of Things. Does SAP Services have something to offer in this area?

Although currently nascent, the internet of things will rapidly mature and impact software applications.SAP HANA has the ability to be the platform that can power the internet of things. As this matures, SAP Services has the deep understanding of industries as well as technology that will enable us to create applications that plug into machine-to-machine conversations, ultimately bringing value to businesses and their consumers.